Take Back Control of Your Roadmap

Spend your time playing defense against fussy stakeholders. Not fussy roadmap software.

Creating a roadmap is easy, but…

Protecting and managing the roadmap is a tough gig.

After all, what is a roadmap but just your best guesstimate at what your team will be working on in the near future? Roadmaps are always changing. New things get slipped in. Old things fall out of favor. And things almost always take longer than expected.

As a PM, your job is to make sure the right things get on the roadmap, communicate what’s on the roadmap, and give your team the clarity it needs to execute on it.

The hoopla that surrounds it can be...touchy. The actual act of creating the roadmap though? That should be a breeze.

With Speckled, list your items, check the "roadmap" box, and organize them with a simple drag and drop interface. That's it!

A Drag + Drop Roadmap That Looks Good

You need a roadmap that's simple, looks good, isn’t a pain to update, and that you can show to your boss. Speckled has you covered.

Super Simple Roadmaps

Let's be honest, we all update our roadmaps a little too frequently for our own tastes. So when changes are needed, all that's needed is a quick drag and drop.

  • Drag and Drop

    Move your lits and items around as you need them.

  • Lists & Cards

    Organize your roadmap into the sections you want and the order you want them in.

  • View Planning Progress

    See what you already have spec'd out and what you still need to plan.


Create Your Roadmap

Turn your rough mental timeline into a beautiful roadmap you can share with your team.