Speckled Makes Product Decisions Easier

Speckled was started so we could find clarity in the barrage of information and ideas that came across our desk on a daily basis. We eat our own proverbial dogfood here and use Speckled to help us find those golden nuggets to constantly improve our products.

The People

founder headshot

Corinn Pope


Corinn is the developer and marketer at Speckled. Previously she worked as a product director, making tough product calls every single day. She also enjoys running stupid long distances, travelling, and hanging out in Austin.

Company Values


We show up every day. We're dependendable and undeviating from our big goals. Consistency doesn't mean you'll never have down days, we all do. What matters is that we stick to our principles and hold true to what we beleive in.


When a new challenge appears, we tackle it head on quickly — using any resource out our disposal to overcome the challenge. Using creativity, intelligence, and practicality, there's nothing we can't overcome.


We're free thinkers who don't always go along with the crowd. This can be in the business sense with not letting investors make big decisions for us or in the personal sense, where we are free to be who we really are without fearing what others think of us.


We have a keen ability to listen to our customers and our coworkers. Using our intuition and the insights gained from careful listening, we build better products and wiser teams that help us tackle bigger and bigger challenges.

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