Prioritization for Product Managers

Build the right thingat the right time

Not all feature requests and ideas are created equal. Speckled helps you suss out the 'heck yes' from the 'meh' and build a product even the most demanding will adore.

Uncover the things you’d be crazy NOT to work on in the next 90 days

Hidden gems. Golden nuggets. The stuff that'll make your customers swoon.
They're already buried in your list. You just need to uncover them so you can do your thang.

Prioritization Frameworks

RICE, DIE, and the Eisenhower Matrix, oh my!

Prioritization frameworks are great for quickly deciphering what will give you the most bang for your time and effort. You'll find a bunch of frameworks in Speckled (with more to come).

  • RICE

    Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort. A method loved by Intercom and product managers everywhere to find meaningful features that are worth building.

  • DIE

    Demand, Impact, Effort. A prioritization method made famous by Baremetrics that's an excellent choice for small companies with limited resources.

  • Eisenhower Matrix

    For those more short-term prioritization needs, the eisenhower matrix pits importancy against urgency to find items to do, delegate, schedule, and not do.

Custom scoring & formulas

A ranked list of your top priorities. Scored against what matters to you.

Your product is unique. Unique OKRs. Unique values. Unique customers. Why should your evaluation criteria when you're prioritizing be any different?

Score anything you can dream up in Speckled.

Then blend your criteria together in a formula to see how your items measure up.

  • Custom Evaluation Criteria

    Choose anything what you want to measure and score your items on. Yes, anything.

  • Custom Formulas

    Combine different criteria into formulas. Add weights and mathematical operators for fine tuning.

  • Multiple Measurement Types

    Score each criteria on a high, medium, low scale, a number scale, or a percentage scale. You choose which one to go with.

Boards, Tags & Roadmaps

Organize by product, department, or theme

Prioritization can go beyond just products. Prioritize marketing tactics. Prioritize customer insights. Prioritize ideas from brainstorming sessions. You get the point.

Create a board for anything you want to keep seperate. Then use tags and roadmaps for even further optimal organization.

  • Boards & Tags

    Create boards for aligning the big stuff and tags for tracking the little stuff

  • Roadmap

    Ready to commit and put an item on your roadmap? Add it to the roadmap in two clicks.

  • Searching & Sorting

    Stakeholder wondering where on the list their request is? Quickly search and sort through a board's items to find the ones you need.

frowny face with surprised expression
Roadmap built without Speckled
25% gut feeling
25% doable stories from the roadmap
25% top stakeholder’s demand du jour
25% bug fixes you'll push off anyways
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Roadmap built with Speckled

100% data-driven,
irrefutable awesome-ness

Pushy stakeholders? Please.
Even they won't be able to argue with your prioritization process.

Additional features

Upload From Anywhere

Add items in the app, upload via csv, or import through Asana or Trello

Unlimited Users

Your price doesn't go up based on how many people you invite. Phew.

Affordable Pricing

Plans start at $19/month and go up to $249/month. No per user pricing here.

Activity Feed

See who changed and item and when.

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