Prioritize your bazillion and one feature requests

Choose Speckled when your plate is overflowing, your engineering team is overwhelmed, and you need a clear path forward that only includes what really matters. Pronto.

"It's in the backlog!""

Now if only you had a dollar every time you said that...

As a PM, you're constantly bombarded with customer feature requests, demands from the marketing and sales teams, "cool" new ideas, bug reports, and the dreaded "the CEO wants this right away" type requests.

Meanwhile, your engineering team is overworked from shipping all those "game changing" features that never quite work out to be so.

Oh, and you still need to hit your own OKRs.

You can't say yes to everything. So, how do you figure out what to work on next? You prioritize.

Introducing Speckled

Painlessly Prioritize Every Request, Idea, and Bug

Not everything can (or should) make it onto your roadmap. Speckled is prioritization software that helps you make sense of what should make the cut and what can wait.

Fun with Frameworks

RICE, DIE, and the Eisenhower Matrix, Oh my! Whichever framework is your fav, you can use it or create it in Speckled.

  • RICE

    Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort. A method loved by Intercom and product managers everywhere to find meaningful features that are worth building.

  • DIE

    Demand, Impact, Effort. A prioritization method made famous by Baremetrics that's an excellent choice for small companies with limited resources.

  • Eisenhower Matrix

    For those more short-term prioritization needs, the eisenhower matrix pits importancy against urgency to find items to do, delegate, schedule, and not

Value Based Decisions

Customer delight. Stakeholder happiness. Retention. Profit. Impact. Sustainability. Growth. Market needs. Competitor squashing. Internal efficiency.

Whatever it is that you value, you can score ideas on it in Speckled.

  • Custom Evaluation Criteria

    No matter what you value at the moment or in the future, you can score your list against it.

  • Custom Formulas

    Tweak, balance, and perfect your prioritization scores with your own custom formulas.

  • Common Frameworks

    Prefer a simple RICE prioritization framework? Speckled includes RICE as an option to prioritize your list with.

Obvious Organization

Spot all the things you'd have to be crazy to NOT work on in the next 90 days. Super fast.

  • Boards & Tags

    Tags, boards, filters, and search help you find what you're looking for fast

  • In-table Editing

    Make adjustments on the fly of all your scores without ever leaving the page.

  • 2-Click Roadmaps

    Add your best candidates to your roadmap in two clicks.

data table

Get that list in order

Ready to take back control of your roadmap? Start priortizing today.

Post Prioritization

Done prioritizing? Time to roadmap and spec it.

Once you're done scoring your items, add them to your roadmap and spec 'em out.

Score potential features

Add new features to your prioritization list for analysis through through the app or via CSV. Then score each feature on the things that matter to your organization.

Add the best ones to your roadmap

Add and remove features to your roadmap with the click of a button. When you've perfected it, share it with your team for feedback.

Spec them out

Write PRDs for everything on the roadmap. When you're done, send them to the work management software you use (coming soon).

As a PM, whenever a new request came in, I'd get a ping of anxiety. Can we do this? Should we do this? If we do, what gets the bump?

Using a prioritization process helped me get clear on what really mattered to the product and it's users.

Not only did my team understand my decision making rationale better, but I also finally felt in control of the roadmap.

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Corinn Pope
CEO, Speckled & Former PM

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