PRDs & Specs

Your Engineers Deserve Great Specs

You know the "why" behind everything that goes into your product. So should your engineers. Write specs they'll actually read and use with Speckled's spec creation tool.

Spec It Out

Effortless Spec Writing For Time Constrained PMs

Somewhere between all your meetings, the constant ping of slack questions, and talking with customers, you're also in charge of writing specs for big features. Make quick work of spec writing with Speckled and get back to all those...other...things.

Level Up Your Specs

Whether you're not writing specs at all right now or they're your main jam, Speckled will guide you through the spec writing process. Hello, clarity.

  • Build a Spec

    Fill out what sections work for you and leave the rest. Attach mockups, note responsibilities, outline risks, and so much more.

  • Share With Your Team

    Need to get some feedback? Ready to share with engineering? Specs are easily shared in Speckled via sharing links.

  • Download as PDF

    Once you've filled out everything you need, export your new spec to a PDF.


Write Better PRDs

Give your team the clarity it needs to make your next feature successful