The SPOT #7

Welcome to the SPOT. Your weekly newsletter of the top 3 strategy, product, operations, and tech articles from around the web for PMs at small software companies. Here are this week’s articles:

3 Reasons Why You Make Terrible Decisions (And How to Stop)

A good decision is one where you risk a little for a potentially large reward. A bad decision is one where you risk a lot for a potentially small reward. But what is a lot and what is a little? Well, it depends on what is important to you. Here's a great article on decision making and some of things that trip us up with it.

Sharing Knowledge in a Remote Team, Across Timezones

With remote work, the ability to slide your chair over to your teammates desk to see how that new thing works is not there. So, how can you fill that knowledge gap?

Get really good at using loom. Record short talks. Use gifs. And store it all somewhere other than just a slack message where it’ll get lost.

How to Take Personal Development Off the Backburner — Tactical Frameworks for Leveling Up

This article is a big mash-up of advice of advice on how to level-up.

  • Spend time reflecting on how you’re getting in your own way every day.
  • Burnout is when you run out of creative energy
  • One way to prioritize is to use a 2x2 matrix of impact & likelihood to succeed
  • Trust depends on reliability, credibility, authenticity, and perception of self-interest
  • Reflect on your career from a past/present/future standpoint
  • Embrace criticism

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