The SPOT: Issue #8

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Good idea or bad idea

Some say there is no such thing as a bad idea, just poor execution. We’re not so sure about that. Finding a good idea is like finding a strong current that just sweeps you up and takes you out to sea. You can’t help but get pushed forward when you come across it.

This is a good read for anyone who has been struggling for and idea of theirs to “take off” recently.

Startup Mistakes: First-Hand Lessons from 80+ Failed Startups

34% of failed startups said that their failure to find product-market fit is why they failed, followed closely by marketing and team mistakes. Another kinda surprising finding? Only 6% of failed startups ran into tech issues that led them to shut down.

Your developer won’t get hit by a bus. They’ll get hired by Netflix

Using “boring” and predictable technology can create a certain kind of stability in an organization. Especially when your team is growing or can’t afford a lot of specialized talent.

What can you do right now to simplify and reduce your team’s “bus factor”?

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