The SPOT: Issue #1

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13 proactive strategies for reducing customer churn
Know you should be reducing churn but aren’t sure how? Check out these 13 very solid tactics for every stage of the customer journey. We bet there’s at least a handful in here you could be doing better.

It’s time to build a slow burn startup

Owning a solid, scalable, sustainable business with great unit economics is not sexy — at least not to traditional VC, so it’s interesting to see this mindset start to catch on. We’re all for it.

Notion’s marketing secrets for small teams with big dreams
Speaking of sustainable businesses…Notion — the flexible note-taking application is now worth $2 billion but only has 50 employees. How did they get so big with such a lean team? By focusing on humans, nurturing user love, and having a designer and developer on their marketing team. Here are some of the tactics that got them there.