The SPOT #4

Welcome to the SPOT. Your weekly newsletter of the top 3 strategy, product, operations, and tech articles from around the web for PMs at small software companies. Here are this week’s articles:

Team Objectives - Overview

This article has a terrible title, but great content. The gist of it is that OKRs are only as good as the team that implements them. A crappy team with a crappy culture is not going to benefit from OKRs. But a great one will.

You’ve only added two lines - why did that take two days!

Sometimes even the best PMs need to be reminded that lines of code !== output. Here’s your weekly reminder of all the effort and magic that goes into writing those two “easy” lines of code.

Celebrating World Usability Day at Amplitude

Amplitude did a one day sprint to improve the usability of their product. For one day, they focused on delightful, customer focused, otherwise “low” priority tasks that could be done quickly. The result? A more usable product that makes their customers experience that much better.

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