Putting Speckled on the Chopping Block

This is NOT what I set out to build.

The original vision for Speckled was a spec management tool. Specs. Speckled. Get it?!

The tool would guide PMs through building better specs for new features. Stuff like…

  • Figuring out who the feature is for
  • Why they need it
  • How it would work
  • Customer data to support the feature
  • What other ideas are dependent on it
  • Organizing mockups and copy
  • Et cetera

Turning a Feature Into It’s Own Product

One of the features of the spec management tool was going to be a way to rank ideas on what had the most potential impact. The plan was to motivate users to build out specs for those high impact ideas first so they could get some quick wins in for their product.

However, I realized this feature could be a product in itself. So rather than spending many, many months building out the full tool in a vacuum, I’m starting with a launch of the prioritization feature.

No spec management features. Those got the cleaver. For now.

Prioritizing Momentum Over the “Perfect” Idea

If I were to try to build out the full original idea I had, Speckled would never launch. I’d run out of steam.

After all, I’m only one person and need to maintain some kind of momentum. Slimming it down gives me a milestone that is in sight —not one that is over the distant horizon.

Will the tool eventually have spec management features? Probably. But getting something…anything…out right now is priority numero uno.

Launching Soon

The “curated” version of Speckled will be out in the next couple of months. In it, you’ll be able to prioritize all of your product decisions. Also your marketing ones. And your customer insights. And which blog post you should write next. Really, anything where you can’t do everything can benefit from prioritization in Speckled.

I hope you’ll sign up for our beta list. Drop your email in the form below if you’re ready to find those quick wins.